Enternship Process

What you should expect from your enternship.

Find the perfect project for you

Look for projects that fit your global career aspirations. This is your chance to get relevant professional experience! Learn more about the project and the company. 

Submit your resume & cover letter

Send your English resume to the startup you want to work with! Make sure to explain why you are interested in working for the company. Doing so will make a huge difference! 

Interview with your company

Now is your chance to meet the company you’ll be working with. You can ask any questions to get to know them better and learn more about the project you’ll be working on. 

Sign your contract for the project

After a successful interview the company will send you a contract with the terms and expectations of the project. Once the agreement is signed, you can start the project! 

Work with your new global startup

Now the fun begins! Collaborate with your new team and make progress in your project. The project will go very fast, so it is important to communicate any questions you may have! 

Present your projects work & results

At the end of the project, you’ll be expected to share the results of the project. This is a great opportunity to show off your hard work. Now, you can add your global experience to your resume!